An online magazine has decided on Tucson's 19 most "captivating cafeterias," proclaiming them all to be extraordinary.

In the post, '19 ChiChi Restaurants Many Alumni Favor Near Tucson, Arizona,' The Exception Magazine says that the secret is out when it comes to delicious food in the state, and encourages readers to "upgrade their view" if they think Tucson is all about diners and dives.

"Rich clever bankers may prefer other places like Sante Fe or Las Vegas. It is no skin off the backs of the residents though," the article says, adding that there's nothing wrong with being a little offbeat.

The Exception Magazine touts itself as, "your favorite news source for the world’s most inspiring and innovative people, places and ideas."

Restaurants in the post include Commoner & Co., Calle Tepa, Agustin Kitchen, The Fix and The Coronet.

Check out the full list here.

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