Mexican authorities found a pot-shooting bazooka just across the border from Douglas in Agua Prieta, Sonora.

Along with the bazooka, the Mexican military and federal police recovered 1,800 pounds of marijuana split among about 200 packages, according to a Nov. 15 news release from the Mexican Attorney General's Office. Authorities also found nearly 2,000 rounds of ammunition.

The tubular mechanism with a compressor was found inside a small van. Mexican authorities believe it was used to shoot drug packages over the border into the United States.

In February, Border Patrol agents found a marijuana-hurling catapult attached to the south side of the border fence near the Douglas Port of Entry.

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In December 2016, two teenagers were arrested in Cochise County after an air cannon fired packages of marijuana over the border fence into the United States.

Three months earlier, authorities in Agua Prieta found an air cannon inside a van that was used to shoot packages of marijuana into Douglas.



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