UAPD Officer Andrew Valenzuela holds hands with 4-year-old Liam as they walk down Tumamoc Hill.

A 4-year-old boy recently found comfort in a University of Arizona police officer while walking down Tumamoc Hill. 

UAPD Officer Andrew Valenzuela was at Tumamoc Hill responding to a routine service call when he came across 4-year-old Liam walking with his family. 

In a Facebook post, UAPD said Liam was scared that he was up so high and asked Valenzuela to hold his hand as they trekked down the hill. 

While walking down the hill, Valenzuela and Liam chatted about police, firefighters and superheroes. 

Liam's mom later reached out to the department and called Officer Valenzuela "a prime example of what it means to be a civil servant."

"He walked down with us and gave Liam a bunch of education," she continued, according to the Facebook post. "You guys never get enough credit for what you do and words cannot express my gratitude. Please let Officer Valenzuela know how much it made our day."

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