Re: the June 21 article "City Council vehemently opposes Interstate 11 proposal."

On behalf of the desert creatures who can't speak for themselves, a big THANK YOU to Mayor Rothschild, and Councilmembers Cunningham, Durham, Fimbres, Kozachik, Romero, and Scott for adding your voices to the hundreds that have spoken loudly and clearly in opposition to I-11 in Avra Valley.

Note to ADOT: You can't put enough lipstick on this pig to make it look good. Our Sonoran desert ecosystem is suffering death by 1,000 cuts. We will not sit idly by while irreparable damage is inflicted on our natural heritage and local economy for a highway we don't need and don't want. I proudly join Councilmember Durham in saying "over my dead body." I'll lie down in front of the bulldozers on this one.

William Thornton


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