Donald Trump has simply lost his mind? Just look at the past few weeks.

He tells his aides, “…(I) cant’ stand Jeff Sessions accent,” and denigrates Southern Universities. He calls his base “suckers.” He makes decisions impulsively, without consulting or informing his own staff or advisors. And how about:

Cancelling Federal Employees’ Pay Raises, just prior to the mid-terms,? Over 30% of those affected are veterans, and most of the rest haven’t had raises in years, raises that didn’t even keep place with inflation

Raising tariffs with no thought of how they would affect our country, our poor, workers, farmers, laborers.

Insulting all of our allies and swearing allegiance to the despot who put him in office.

Lying about “Fake News.” Every word out of his mouth is a lie.

Mexico’s trade deal is not the largest ever. Mexico will not pay for the wall. Immigrants are less violent than our own people.

Please, you must do your own research. Do not believe his false claims.

Sheldon Metz

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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