Taco Yaqui at Aqui Con El Nene

It takes two tortillas to hold the hefty slab of roasted green chile in the Taco Yaqui, $3.50, at Aqui con El Nene.

It's undeniable at this point: Tucson's restaurant scene is bustling, with new spots being announced on an almost daily basis.

With so much going on, it can be tough to narrow down the choices when deciding on a spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

"The dynamic Tucson food scene has seen rapid growth in the past few years, highlighting the city's diversity while reaffirming its culinary traditions," said Patricia Escarcega in an article on USA Today's 10Best website.

Escarcega's article, "Exploring the Old Pueblo: 10 Best Restaurant for Exploring the Tucson Food Scene," aims to give readers a sampling of Tucson's food, with restaurants ranging from old to new.

Despite the seemingly endless supply of Mexican fare, Escarcega managed to choose only three to add to the list, but they're all classics.

"Cafe Poca Cosa still stands out from the pack for its consistently elegant interpretations of regional Mexican fare," Escarcega writes. The other two Mexican restaurants to earn a spot on the list are El Charro and Aqui con el Nene.

The list is full of variety, serving up suggestions for French cuisine, fusion food, "craft" eateries and more, with entries including Wild Garlic Grill, Agustin Kitchen and Feast.

Check out the full list here and start thinking about your next meal.