Letter: Too Many Negative Liberal Pot Shots

Letter: Too Many Negative Liberal Pot Shots

Re: the Nov. 19 letter "Morality doesn't matter to Forever Trumpers."

The letter writers facts are a hodgepodge of her feelings with very little thought to facts. She speaks of our president as a white supremacist, never mind our past president of eight years was a true racist. The media would never pick on him. She doesn't speak at all of the lack of journalism exhibited by the democratic national media, or their true feelings of their lies printed every day, along with their voices on national networks.

Politicians are truly what they are and truly what they have been. The Kavanaugh attempted lynching was an act by people without a hint of decency or humanity. Our current president is being treated the same way.

Take a look at our foreign neighbors with much moral decay and restlessness.

This is from a Trumper, a deplorable, Walmart Shopper, and a Patriot.

Richard Reiter

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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