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Trump trial closing arguments aim at voters, history

Speaking to senators, House impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said, “We have proven Donald Trump guilty. Now do impartial justice and convict him.”

Trump must

be stopped

America has hit a political all-time low. Republicans who voted against allowing witnesses to testify and barring evidence in this impeachment trial should look at themselves in the mirror and feel a deep sense of shame and disgust. They have allowed a very sick individual, who just so happens to be the president, to face no consequences for his illegal, immoral and unethical behavior. How do these politicians continue to support a man who they know is a habitual liar, a narcissist who believes he can do no wrong, and a man who puts himself above our nation?

These people will have to live with the consequences of what Trump will continue to do to further corrupt our nation while putting America in danger. He is unhinged and self-deluded, and Americans fear for our safety. We continue to watch the fabric of our nation being shred to pieces. Who will finally step up this man and stop him from continuing to abuse his powers?

Barb Mathers

Northwest side

Preschool scholarships here will help hundreds

Re: Feb. 2 article “Growing up in Tucson a disadvantage for many, study finds.”

Reporters Danyelle Khmara and Patty Machelor rightly point out that children who attend high quality preschool have a much increased likelihood of graduating from high school and college, higher lifetime earnings and more stable marriages. They are less likely to ever need public welfare or be involved in the criminal-justice system. Their parents can work and contribute as taxpayers to the community. Currently, fewer that 1 in 5 kids in Pima County have this opportunity.

The good news: The Preschool Promise, a broad based, diverse community coalition is working with Pima County, Tucson and other cities, schools, United Way, and state agencies to provide scholarships for high-quality preschool for the children of our community. We are optimistic that hundreds of new kids will have the opportunity to change their future. There is no bigger bang for the buck for kids, for parents and for the economic future of the community we share. Express your support for the Preschool Promise.

Penelope Jacks


Nation’s priorities are out of whack

A simple question from an old white guy. I ask for readers to opine on why Native Americans so very often live in deplorable, unhealthy, and wretched educational conditions while so many of the USA’s tax dollars are spent on immigration. As serious as the needs of Guatemalans, El Salvadorans and Nigerians are, I don’t understand why the Native Americans are put in the back of the national bus and forgotten. Anyone out there provide an answer?

Eldon P. Slick


Just say no

to sanctuary

Re: Feb. 3 article “Pima County working to cover costs of shelter for migrants.”

Kudos to Supervisor Steve Christy in his stand to halt any further spending of taxpayers’ dollars for that boondoggle known as Casa Alitas. I fully support him in his resolution to the board directing the county administrator to cease taxpayer subsidization of the shelter. I say not one further penny for these malcontents who have learned how to scam our system and I would venture to say that the majority of them are here to get on the dole!

If the “bleeding hearts” at the Catholic Community Services wish to provide for them, let them absorb all the costs and give us taxpayers a break. There’s an old saying, “Charity begins at home,” and Lord knows we have enough of our own people who are deserving of our help. Texas just said no to these so-called “asylum seekers” and I think we should do the same here in Arizona. Send them to California where the governor has declared the whole state a sanctuary.

Cousin Rich Allison

Southwest side

Congress not doing its job

In the past three years, we have paid House and Senate members, minority and majority leaders, and the speaker salaries, amounting to over $280 million.

In that time they have done nothing to address the country’s need for immigration, health care, infrastructure and gun control reforms.

According to PolitiFact, as of November 2019, this Congress had passed 68 bills and resolutions, while a divided Congress under President Barack Obama passed 300 bills and resolutions.

Regardless of the reason, the fact is, this is unacceptable. We need to address this during the next elections. Maybe it’s time we review their retirement plan and other perks as well.

We need to place more importance on the people we elect to Congress. Reelecting 95% of incumbents will not rectify the current inefficiency and nonproductive behavior of our representatives.

Charles Nedrow

Northwest side

Ryan Airfield memories come whooshing back

Re: the Jan. 3 article “Ryan Airfield owes its name to key early aviation pioneer.”

Kudos to David Leighton on his outstanding article on Ryan Airfield, another of Tucson’s landmarks that he has brought to our awareness. My late husband, Tony von Isser, owned a Ryan PT-22 that he flew out of Ryan Airfield in the late ’40s and early ’50s. Later I took my flight training at Ryan Airfield’s flying school, called Snoopy’s at that time, and earned a commercial pilot’s license. My husband flew the tow plane for the Tucson Soaring Club, which was based at Ryan. To know its history has made my memories of those exciting flying days all the more precious.

Aldine von Isser



commitment is key

If Monday night’s Iowa caucuses formally kick off the 2020 presidential election, we need to be committed to a candidate who is committed to the future of this planet. Yes, I want leadership. Yes, I want experience. And yes, I want civility in policy and personal action. But, my candidate must make fighting climate change the No. 1 priority.

We must realign this business-over-nature mentality. We must accept that unless we join and lead the rest of the world, no amount of immediate satisfaction can stop the long-term damage of progressive climate change. So, this commitment to truly fighting climate change is my litmus test of my 2020 presidential candidate.

Norman Patten


Europe giving up

on America

My best friend and I graduated from high school in 1964. While I went to the American school system and fought the student wars for 30 years, he served in Vietnam and has lived in Europe for many years. He still considers himself an American, however. He wrote this to me regarding how Donald Trump and America are currently viewed in Europe.

“The American Age is rapidly drawing to a close in Europe. Nobody believes in America anymore. Nobody trusts America. Under Trump, America disavows its treaties, betrays its allies, and withdraws its support from stabilizing organizations like the U.N. and NATO. Regarding the climate crisis, Trump values and supports an American narcissistic lifestyle more than he values the entire human race.”

Since it appears that he will cheat his way out of his impeachment, we can only hope and pray that he will be replaced by the voters in November and we can start to repair his tragic “legacy.”

Donald Vandine

Sierra Vista

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