Ten55 Brewing’s Chris Squires, left, and John Paul Vyborny are opening downtown’s first beer hall in early August.

John Paul “JP” Vyborny and his partner in all things brew Chris Squires are calling their new downtown digs a beer hall.

Seating at Ten 55 Brewing and Sausage House, 110 E. Congress St., will be communal at big tables spread throughout and the kitchen, helmed by Ivor Cryderman, will serve up a menu of locally crafted sausages and Belgian fries. The hall is set to open Aug. 11.

The kitchen also will feature a rotating grilled cheese sandwich menu including the house special pimento cheese and tomato, and in addition to its own Ten 55 craft brews that Vyborny and Squires have been producing since 2013, the bar will offer wine and hard cider.

“It’s always been our goal to get downtown,” Vyborny said Monday, days after he and Squires closed their taproom at 3810 44th St.; they will continue using the space to brew beer.

Ten55 Brewing and Sausage House won’t open until Aug. 11, nearly a year after the pair last September inked a lease for the 3,880-square-foot space at 110 E. Congress St., that was once home to Vaudeville Cabaret. Vaudeville closed in 2012.

When the business opens, the first thing that might strike patrons is the dining room. Expect to see very few small tables for two to four. Instead, customers will be seated together so that they are elbow to elbow.

Picture classic German-style beer halls for reference.

“A beer hall is a community oriented establishment made so that you can enjoy a beer with your neighbor,” Vyborny explained.

And everything about Ten55 Brewing and Sausage House is low-key casual, from the counter service to the simple menu that also will include some salads and bar snacks.

“We’re downtown Tucson. We’re on Congress, which is certainly a high exposure area, but we are not high-end,” Squires said. “We are sausages on a bun. It’s not full service. It’s not like you have a server coming to your table.”

Ten55 will be in brew-tastic company downtown, which last week welcomed Iron John’s Brewing Company’s taproom at 222 E. Congress St.

Reilly Craft Pizza & Drink a few blocks off Congress has a beer garden in the back of its restaurant at 101 E. Pennington St.

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