Rep. Martha McSally laughs when asked by a Raytheon employee about her choice for President of the United States during an event at Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson on June 2, 2016. 

Representative Martha McSally found herself under fire on Thursday, asked about presidential politics during a town hall with local Raytheon Missile Systems.

McSally said "there was no way" she was going to answer a question posed by an audience member about which presidential candidate was better for the country in terms funding for the military.

She deferred with a light-hearted quip, asking the Raytheon employee who she thought made a better presidential candidate for national defense.

"I am deeply concerned that in the world that is far more dangerous than I've seen in my lifetime, the complexity of the threats are vast geographically and they are vast from the nature of the threat," McSally said. "In this dangerous world we live in, where we don't see changing anytime soon, my disappointment so far in this process has been that it seems more like a WWF tournament than a serious discussion about who should be the next commander in chief and who be the leader of the free world."

After the town hall, she was again pressed by reporters to discuss some policies that have been outlined by the candidates.

For example, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump's suggestion to dismantle NATO.

McSally used an anecdote about the Serenity prayer when talking to reporters, noting she doesn't have the power to change everything.

"There are things that are in my control," she said. "I was elected to represent CD2 not because of my affiliation with any previous or future presidential candidate. While I am concerned in general, on both side of the aisle, about the tenure of the presidential race so far. I certainly don't want to breathe life into the WWF TV show because that actually perpetuates the controversy. If people are talking about that, we are not talking about the issues we are facing."

The Republican freshman said she would be voting for someone in November, but wouldn't say who. 

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