If you're in search of some adorable news for your Friday, here it is.

A goldendoodle puppy will join the American Medical Response Southern Arizona team very soon. 

The 5-week-old puppy was born in Amarillo, Texas and will be brought to Tucson in a few weeks. From there, she'll be trained as a therapy dog, the company said on Facebook.

She'll be the first therapy puppy for AMR in Southern Arizona, according to Operations Manager Jacqueline Evans. The initial training process will take about a year.

While anxiously awaiting the puppy's arrival, the folks at AMR Southern Arizona are asking for help in naming their newest member. 

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If you have any suggestions, you can leave a comment on the AMR Southern Arizona Facebook page or send suggestions to jacqueline.evans@amr.net. Employees with AMR and Rural Metro Fire will filter through the suggestions to choose a name.

The deadline for puppy names was recently extended and suggestions will be accepted until Monday, Jan. 7.

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