A mountain lion near Patagonia who was repeatedly seen in the area and had become unafraid of humans was killed by wildlife officials Friday, according to an Arizona Game and Fish Department news release. 

The lion was seen beneath a mobile home in the 300 block of Roadrunner Lane before being killed, the release said.

The lion had also been seen in the area Sunday. During that sighting, the department said an animal control officer got within three feet of the lion, and that the lion was resistant to hazing, harassment that is designed to make an animal leave an area it is frequenting.

The lion had been seen in the area multiple times since January. It had once dragged a dead javelina under another mobile home and was also suspected of killing a goat. 

Officials believe the lion was about 2 years old. 

“The mountain lion posed an immediate threat to the community,” said Raul Vega, a Game and Fish regional supervisor in Tucson. “It was persisting in a residential area apparently unafraid of people, was emaciated and in apparently poor health.”

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A necropsy will be done on the animal and it may also be tested for rabies. 

To report sightings, call Game and Fish at 623-236-7201. More information can be found at tucne.ws/131f