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Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor

Also, is there anyway Trump can finally concede? Asking for 79 million friends

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Association with Trump ensured McSally’s loss

I’m writing to share my thoughts on why Sen. Martha McSally lost the election to Mark Kelly. Primarily, I think it was McSally’s negative campaign, a campaign filled with outright falsehoods and name-calling. We currently have a president who has used the same tactics throughout his business and political career.

Perhaps McSally learned too much from her association with President Trump. I would hope that before she returns to life outside of government, one of her last actions will be to clearly state that Joe Biden has been elected president in a fair and free election.

Gary Kautto


Magical thinking leads to fraud accusations

It must have been magic. President Trump claims the election was stolen from him or rigged against him. Even though thousands of election workers, political poll workers, intelligence agencies, security firms and others say it was the best and most secure election ever. President-elect Joe Biden has a 5 million vote plurality over President Trump.

Did 5 million ballots across the country marked for Trump get stolen and hidden away? Or did 5 million extra ballots marked for Biden get delivered to the polling sites? Maybe 5 million more ovals marked for Trump were switched to Biden ovals on the ballots.

Strange that none of people above saw any of that happening. Therefore, the theft/rig must have been magic.

Tony Hagen

Sierra Vista

Don’t defile

Reid Park

The Daily Star’s enthusiastic article on the expansion of the Reid Park Zoo is not the whole story. We need equal information on the accompanying destruction of 3.5 beloved acres of Reid Park — specifically its south pond and Barnum Hill. Only one sentence, a caption and an uninformative photo are afforded to that topic.

Zoo expansion is great, but please don’t swipe land from the park. As central Tucson becomes ever more crowded, publicly accessible open space and greenery is ever more precious; it is nonrenewable.

This pond and Barnum Hill, a natural setting surrounded by majestic trees, have been enjoyed by generations of Tucsonans, for free.

Let’s respect Reid Park and explore the available alternatives for zoo expansion that don’t intrude on greens pace. Making the zoo better should not be at the expense of park space that should remain open and free to the public.

Jan Bell


Biden voters

easy to find

Re: the Nov. 16 letter “America’s left taught us civility is dead.”

I was incredulous when I read this letter. Not being able to find two people who voted “for” Joe Biden — all that the writer of that letter needed to do was to turn on her television to see the huge numbers of people across the U.S. who were literally dancing in the streets with smiles on their faces after the Biden win was announced.

I know many people who were delighted to vote for Joe Biden.

Dorothy Waugaman

East side

Right full of spite toward the left

Re: the Nov. 16 letter “Left full of spite toward Trump.”

My fellow reader has a dilemma trying to explain to “outsiders” why the “most qualified candidate” for the presidency was not reelected. I have no dilemma justifying my vote. I do have a problem with the reader’s assumptions.

First, who are the “outsiders?” Could they be people like me who voted for the other candidate? If so, the letter shows just how divided we Americans have become.

Second, blaming “most of the media” for an “orchestrated effort by … the media … to denigrate” the president assumes that “most of the media” can orchestrate anything. I must say, I observe a consensus among credible media outlets that accurate reporting of the president’s actions, behavior, and statements are not flattering and don’t portray much competence.

It appears to me that the American people have spoken in an election free of wholesale efforts to “lose” votes, add improper votes, or change votes. Let’s move on.

Paul Waugaman

East side

Let White House

transition begin

Trump repeatedly labeled his administration the most transparent ever. OK, so what’s the harm of beginning the transition process with President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team?

Should election results stand, America will be better off with full cooperation between the outgoing and incoming administrations.

Norman Patten


This president

can’t leave too soon

Perhaps if you, as president, had been honest with all constituents about the seriousness of the pandemic, fewer would have died. Perhaps the economy would be in better condition because of a measured response to the pandemic that would have allowed limited economic activity. Some people can admit when they’ve made a mistake and take corrective action to minimize harm. Some can’t.

Am I bitter? No, the election was fair. I am disappointed that the Republican Party has become so cowardly. But eventually enough moderates from both parties may join an independent party to force compromise between Democrats and Republicans.

“After four years of deception, duplicity and deviousness” the emperor is seen to have no clothes. But, on the bright side, President Trump will have set a record for the most confirmed lies, mischaracterizations and half-truths of any U.S. president. How long will that record last?

“Thank you, Mr. President” for your not-too-soon departure.

James Abels


Strong case that Trump

committed treason

Are there any others out there who think Donald Trump has committed treasonous acts and should be arrested? Among other things: He has continuously downplayed the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to the deaths of 250,000 of our citizens, he encourages violent uprisings of right-wing extremists as a result of his defeat in the 2020 presidential election and continues to bar Joe Biden from receiving critical intelligence briefings. He was and is unfit to have been POTUS and should be arrested as expeditiously as possible.

Ken Shearer

Northeast side

Hypocrisy: a dish best served with no memory

Re: the Nov. 13 letter “Republicans have been sore losers.”

The writer opines that if the Republican Party had won the presidential election President Trump and Mitch McConnell would not be making allegations of voter fraud. In doing so, they are hypocrites and setting a poor example for our youth. I guess when the Democrats’ candidate lost in 2016 the ensuing riots, the outgoing administration concocting allegations of collusion with Russia, the Democratic Congress boycotting the inauguration, the House speaker tearing up the president’s speech and four years of continuous but fruitless investigations don’t count as poor sportsmanship.

It’s time for the pots to quit calling the kettles black. All Reds and Blues need to come to grips with the fact their business model is deeply flawed and if unity in this nation is to happen, it is time to shut up, roll up our shirtsleeves and get to the task.

Tom Hansen

North side

Eligibility clause

needs updating

The U.S. Constitution lists in Article II, The Executive Branch, Section 1 the three limitations on the eligibility for a U.S. president. They are: Being a natural born U.S. citizen, being 35 years or older and having 14 years of residency in the USA.

I propose an amendment which will add two other limitations to the qualifications of a candidate for the U.S. presidency.

They are: No person shall be eligible to be a U.S. presidential candidate if older than 75 years at the end of his or her first or second four-year term, and he or she must have been a U.S. senator, a member of the House or a state governor for several years prior to the beginning of the presidential term. The limitations will ensure that we will not make the mistake of electing another president with the attributes of another Trump-like figure. We need to avoid the damage done.

Carl Pegels


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