In 1907, when the mayor of Tucson wanted to build a mansion, he hired local architect Henry Trost. Trost designed a unique home combining Spanish Colonial and Santa Fe Territorial elements. The result was the elegant, 12,000-square-foot Manning House in Snob Hollow.

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The Manning House

The Manning family sold the building in 1949 to the Elks Club, they made many modifications to it and increased the square footage to 30,000. In 1979, the Downtown Development Corporation purchased it and a full restoration was completed in 1984.

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The Manning House in 2001

As for the entrepreneur who built Manning House, Levi H. Manning was born in North Carolina, but it was in Tucson that he made his mark. After graduating from the University of Mississippi, he moved here in 1884.

Manning was involved with real estate, the mining industry, the Santa Rita Hotel, a merchandising business, the gas and electric company as well as the streetcar company. He was one of the largest property holders in Tucson.

Often referred to as General Manning, he got that title when President Cleveland appointed him surveyor-general.

Manning served as mayor of Tucson from 1905-1907. He was elected on an anti-gambling platform and during his term, rigid gambling ordinances were passed and strictly enforced. He succeeded in basically eliminating the gambling business in town.

He died at his summer home in Beverly Hills, California in 1935, at the age of 71.