No to Dem socialists

Re: the June 25 letter “Why do senior voters support Trump?”

Recently a letter was written asking why seniors could possibly vote for Donald Trump. As a senior, I think I can answer that question. We know what socialism is (unlike a lot of younger people who don’t seem to have a clue) and we don’t want it for our country.

The current batch of Democrats running for president are all basically socialists. I can’t imagine many of us voting for any of them. Certainly not this senior!

Lynn Hurst


ACC could, should

be doing much more

As a ratepayer that is also frustrated with chronic increases in electricity rates during a time where new technology has enabled significant cost reductions, I’m writing to provide guidance to other frustrated ratepayers (“ACC should administer, not legislate,” J. McConnell).

The problems are: ratepayer apathy; current rate structure that pays profit as a percent of cost, which is an incentive to increase, not decrease costs; a resource-planning process that allows “reasonable” versus “optimal” costs; and ineffective ethics rules.

We need performance-based rates and processes that incite continuous improvement, measurable and significant costs-rate reductions, rules that prohibit employment by utilities of former Arizona Corporation Commission employees for three years and that prohibit use of ACC phones, computers, email for personal reasons.

Be active. Vote for commissioners who will support your desired results, read and submit comments to the ACC regarding TEP’s current request to increase rates (again).

Terry Finefrock


No I-11 in Avra Valley for all our sakes

I built my home in Picture Rocks 25 years ago, intending on never leaving. But the reason I chose this location may disappear.

If Interstate 11 is built through Avra Valley, it will encroach on property rights and displace hundreds of families along the route, lower property values and encourage urban sprawl, ruin tourism in the national park, sever wildlife corridors, jeopardize Tucson’s water supplies by introducing the potential for contamination, jeopardize Kitt Peak by causing light pollution, cause economic loss and the taxpayers billions. I would need a novel to list all of reasons I-11 would have nothing but a negative impact on Tucson and the Avra Valley.

This letter started out selfishly, but my reasons for opposing I-11 are much more far-reaching then just my backyard. Please do not allow I-11 to be constructed through the Avra Valley, for all our sakes.

Jenna Bell

Picture Rocks

Don’t lose Avra Valley’s desert beauty

The proposed I-11 freeway will forever change the desert in the Avra Valley.

Iconic places like Saguaro National Park West, Tucson Mountain Park, Ironwood Forest National Monument and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum would be negatively affected. Now, natives and visitors are attracted by the area’s scenic beauty and outdoor activities like hiking, running and rock climbing. In these quiet places, you can observe wildlife, listen to birdsong and breathe in clean, fresh air: activities which renew people mentally and spiritually. The Central Arizona Project’s Tucson Mitigation Corridor allows for migration of animals between protected areas.

A freeway slicing through the valley would trade this for urban sprawl; air, noise and light pollution; and would threaten wildlife and the unique saguaro cactus.

Joni Mitchell, in a late Sixties song of environmental concern, lamented that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

Let’s not let that happen to the Avra Valley!

Anne Eccles

Northwest side

View of liberals

is narrow-minded

Re: the July 4 letter “Comparing liberals and conservatives.”

Liberals: Representational government, free of prejudice, tolerant, open-minded. The writer has a simplistic, narrow-minded and mean-spirited view of the difference. It’s a good bet the writer has never known homelessness, hunger, poverty or lack of opportunity because of these.

America can’t fix the world, but Americans CAN offer empathy, compassion, and a hand up to those who cannot break out of the endless cycle of the above problems. Her view reinforces the idea that all “entitlement” programs are a free handout to lazy, no-good losers who won’t work hard. There could be nothing further from the truth.

Judy Bullington

West side