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Romero is accessible, smart, dedicated

We are fortunate in Tucson to have strong candidates for mayor. I am proud to support Regina Romero in the primary and here is why. As a long-time small business CEO in the not-for-profit realm, I met with Regina on many issues in her role as council member. Regina was easily accessible and very interested in hearing from local business leaders.

She listened well to concerns about how to improve our community and thought broadly about the entire metro area, not just her ward. She is a smart, compassionate and dedicated public servant with proven leadership skills. I’ll be proud when she is elected our next mayor.

Patti Caldwell


Tucson’s first woman mayor?

Wake up Tucson! Or should I say: Get woke before it’s too late!

It’s easy, with all the miserable news on the national level, to forget that we have a local election happening right now.

We have the distinct privilege of being able make history in our lifetimes. We have the opportunity to elect the first woman of color as mayor of our Old Pueblo.

Her name is Regina Romero and she has by far the most experience leading Tucson and representing Tucsonans of any candidate for mayor. She has 12 years experience on the city council at Ward 1 and as a constituent I have watched her work hard for our quality of life and economic prosperity.

Regina is the only candidate for mayor that is running clean and her lengthy list of endorsements by progressive groups speaks for itself. Make history now. Elect Regina Romero Mayor of Tucson.

Mac Hudson

West side

How to hold employers accountable

We have severe penalties in place for hiring undocumented people, why not use them? If employers were targeted for hiring the undocumented, this problem would soon go away and most undocumented people would “self deport.”

Consequences: Criminal and civil fines, loss of business licenses. Most fines are broken down to the following: First offenders can be fined $250-$2,000 per undocumented employee. For a second offense, the fine is $2,000-$5,000 per undocumented employee.

Three or more offenses can cost an employer $3,000-$10,000 per undocumented employee. A pattern of knowingly employing undocumented immigrants can mean extra fines and up to six months in jail for an employer.

E-Verify will ID most false documentation and identity theft and also protect employers from above penalties.

John Schmelzkopf

Northwest side

Trump divides

and inflames hatred

A recent letter writer expressed her disgust with those who believe that “Trump (is) causing hate and dividing the country” because that means those who support him are guilty of the same by association.

The indisputable fact is that Donald Trump aligns himself with white supremacists time and time again. He inflames hatred and vitriol in his followers of all those who are of different race and color. He coddled those who at Charlottesville chanted white supremacist mantras.

At a recent rally he asked what could be done about those seeking refuge at the border (“an invasion”) and joked when someone yelled “Shoot ’em.” Innocent shoppers were killed at an El Paso Walmart because they were Hispanics, the killer inspired by Trump’s soaring rhetoric of antipathy and division.

Gladys Lujan


Courage is not shown only on the battlefield

As President, Donald Trump is the c



hief, a fact that as a former military officer, Sen. Martha McSally is well aware of. An officer swears an oath to serve with duty and honor and to protect the Constitution. Slavishly toadying up to Trump and his base, Sen. McSally has forfeited her honor for political gain. She served with honor and courage in Iraq but in her obsequious loyalty to Trump, these virtues are shamefully absent today.

I served in Vietnam as a Marine officer during Richard Nixon’s presidency and took the same oath as Sen. McSally. In my letter formally resigning my commission I stated that in good conscience I could not serve under a commander-in-chief who was shown to be a crook and who was attempting to subvert our Constitution for his own political ends.

Sen. McSally needs to once again fulfill her oath to duty and honor by standing up to President Trump. Courage is not shown only on the battlefield.

Jeff Aronson

Northeast side

On guns, come together

We are all horrified by what happened in Dayton and El Paso. Everyone has an opinion and many of us base our opinions on our political party’s stance on gun controls.

This is a time to come together and do what is best for our country. We have to find common ground. The one commonality in these killings is they type of weapon used to have the most impact. In the end, the numbers are staggering. Those are our fellow Americans whose lives have been cut short, leaving behind families whose lives will be affected in ways none of us can imagine for years to come.

One glaring fact is that most of these murderers are using a weapon that will do the most damage in the shortest amount of time. Why don’t we start with eliminating that first and argue about the root cause later?

Donna Pierce

Northeast side

ICE raid in Mississippi shows heartlessness

I’m running out of adjectives to

describe the heartless pain that this administration is perpetuating on innocent children who are in our country through no fault of their own. The recent ICE raid in Mississippi left innocent children without their parents after school and no understanding of why they were left alone.

School systems and local law enforcement we’re given no heads-up so they could protect and comfort these children in advance. So this is who we are now? I can’t accept that. Please contact your representative and senators begging them to stand up for human decency.

Sally Reed

Northeast side

Economy or


I find myself both amused and amazed at some the articles and letters in the Arizona Daily Star. Today there were four stories that caught my attention — Resolution Copper, Rosemont, Villages at Vigneto and grazing on the San Pedro — all of them embroiled in environmental controversy.

There are certainly arguments to be made, pro and con, but what Utopia do these opponents envision, where a prosperous, vibrant economy thrives but nothing must disturb Mother Nature? I trust, by reading their knee-jerk reactions that they all have secure jobs, so can smugly pat themselves on the back, wallowing in their virtue.

Patricia Ridinger

Northwest side

Border issues, Nazi

Germany not comparable

In the first place, the opinion is of one Jewish person, not “U.S. Jews.” Secondly , I am appalled that the author, a granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, would stoop to compare Nazi Germany to the U.S. border issues. My uncle was arrested, beaten and forcefully transported by the Nazis to a German concentration camp (Dora, for those who are interested) where he spent two years and, thank God, survived.

From what my uncle told me, the author does not know what abuse (by ICE and U.S. Customs) means. Shame on her for using her grandparents’ suffering to write such an article, simply because she hates Trump.

Ihor Kunasz

Oro Valley

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