We need action,

not talk, by politicians

Thoughts and prayers pour from the mouths of elected officials after every mass shooting. Pious words don’t bring back the murdered, they don’t diminish family suffering and lifelong grief and they don’t prevent the next mass killing.

The thoughts and prayers refrain only seeks to obscure continued inaction on gun safety and craven capitulation to NRA power; and to encourage more pointless talk about mental health. The false piety replaces real compassion and attempts to disguise their political cowardice.

When you hear these panderers say, “My heart goes out …,” understand that these words come not from their heart, only their lips, and it’s not enough. America must declare that uncontrolled gun ownership is simply not as important as saving the lives of innocent people. Stop the pious talk. Do something.

Beth Isabelle

Northeast side

‘Stochastic terrorism’ and a vicious circle

So again we move into the post-mass murder phase when we say to ourselves, “Why did this happen?” There is actually a term for what we see being repeated on a regular basis. It is “stochastic terrorism” (i.e., the use of mass public communication, usually against a particular individual or group, which incites or inspires acts of terrorism which are statistically probable but happen seemingly at random).

The so-called “rallies” we see with images and words of violence get repeated and amplified by the media, finally reaching those mentally challenged individuals with easy access to rapid-fire weapons who act on their “directions.” We need to stop this vicious circle and it can be accomplished.

Alan Barreuther


Now is the time

to ban assault guns

It’s true: It’s the person not the gun that fires in mass shootings. We wring our hands, issue prayers and condolences, but no one offers the one best solution: Ban these assault guns and large magazines guns intended for our combat military and law enforcement.

Identifying the mentally ill and requiring strict background checks are only part of the solution. Without these guns, the mentally ill, disturbed, angry folks will not have the ability to kill masses of innocent folks. Sure, they can fire a pistol or rifle or shotgun but not these assault guns that are designed to kill a large number of folks in seconds.

Tonight, my wife and I listened to all the commentaries about how to stop these needless killings, but no one offers the only true solution. Ban the sale to the public of all assault guns now, not later, not next year, now. This does not infringe on anyone’s constitutional right to own guns, only that you cannot own assault guns.

Bob Ratledge


Romero a leader during tough times

Our city is fortunate to have some good candidates running for mayor. I am looking for a person who has experience and understands the issues, values

and future of our city. That person is Regina Romero.

Our country was experiencing the worst recession in years when Romero started on the City Council. At that time many businesses were closing their doors or having major layoffs. Governments were downsizing to make their budgets.

Our mayor and City Council decided it was not prudent to just fund basic city services like fire, police and city departments, but it had to continue funding the arts, cultural events, small business support and outside agencies that helped working families for the city’s future.

Regina Romero led that fight and had the foresight to keep the heart of the city alive. We need a strong and experienced person with vision. That is Regina Romero.

Herminia Cubillos


How many town halls are Democrats holding?

Re: the Aug. 20 article “Congressional reps move away from public town hall meetings.”

This article cited Republican Sen. Martha McSally as rarely doing public town halls, but Democrat Rep. Tom O’Halleran doing numerous ones. Previously, Republicans like McSally, Sen. Jeff Flake and Rep. Andy Biggs were booed and harassed by Democratic activists at town hall meetings.

That is why they stopped having them. How many town halls have Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Democrat Reps. Raúl Grijalva or Ann Kirkpatrick done? The Star has an obvious animus against McSally with their continual negative opinion columns about her by Tim Steller, featured local opinions, featured letters to the editor, etc.

Where has Sinema’s leadership been on the recent mass shootings or her support of background checks? Nowhere to be found. She in fact has said that she wants to “avoid topics of disagreement.” Where is the Star or Southern Arizona Democrats criticisms of her?

None. It is all about McSally because she is a Republican, disdained by the Star just as they disdain President Trump.

Juan Santiago

Southwest side

Both ends of spectrum only serve to divide

Planned Parenthood and the National Rifle Association are at opposite ends of the political spectrum with proponents of each accused by the other side of promoting murder.

Both organizations are powerful lobbyists with scores of politicians in their pockets, as the pundits like to say. Both also provide civic services which they loudly champion with great pride.

I’m pleased to see that both are now experiencing financial and organizational difficulties that are, alas, not severe enough to cause them to exit the scene. But I don’t have to support them or make them part of the national dialog, since they only serve to divide the country.

Jeffrey McConnell

West side

Trump’s new loyalty test

Dear Mr. President,

As a Jewish American who identifies and votes with Democratic Party candidates and ideals, I write to disavow your statement regarding Jewish voters. Contrary to your remarks, we are very informed and out of our love and devotion to our neighbors and our country, we form our loyalty to the same.

To each other and our nation. Not to you. Someone who neither understands or even cares about the basic principles, such as freedom of religion, upon which our country was built. We see you, Mr. President. Everyone does.

Paul Simon

Northwest side

Time to save lives with gun control measures

With the ever-increasing frequency of mass shootings, I can’t help but ask myself, “what is wrong with us as a people?” What happened to respect for life? Respect and acceptance of people who aren’t just like us? Conflict resolution and anger management? Values and skills that used to be taught in the home, in church and in our schools?

Add to that the lethality of assault weapons, large capacity magazines and inadequate background checks for would-be gun purchasers and it equals 40,000 gun-related deaths in the U.S. last year alone. This includes suicide and accidental death, not just murder. Nonetheless, access to guns compounds the problem.

Oh, that we could return to civility. Short of that, our lawmakers could save lives by enacting reasonable gun control measures. During the 10-year period the Federal Assault Weapons Ban was in effect (1994-2004) mass shootings did decline. Call your state and federal representatives and demand action. Life is too precious to do nothing.

Leadawn Anderton

Southwest side