U.S. Rep. Martha McSally

U.S. Rep. Martha McSally, now a Republican candidate for the Senate, has voted to support President Trump’s agenda a majority of the time.

Tucson Congresswoman Martha McSally shed new light on her working relationship with President Donald Trump on a Phoenix morning news program on Friday.

The two-term Republican often shied away from commenting on Trump during the 2016 campaign, often telling reporters that she was laser-focused on her own re-election campaign.

However, in the last year, McSally has increasingly highlighted her close ties to the president, drawing criticism that the retired Air Force Colonel has changed course to better to appeal to Trump supporters as she runs to replace Jeff Flake in the Senate.

In an interview with Good Morning Arizona on Friday, McSally said she had a policy of not endorsing anyone.

"I just have a policy, I've never endorsed anyone for anything. Not a dog catcher or a mayor. Or president," McSally said. "I was doing my job and running my race in 2016."

Things have changed, however, since Trump became president.

"Since President Trump has taken office, I am working with him. I am invited over to the White House all the time. I have a reputation of being constructive and speaking truth to power," McSally said.

She fired off a list of items she's already worked closely on with the president, including "cutting taxes, fixing healthcare, securing the border and rolling back regulations."

"I am invited over there all the time," she added.

The Tucson Republican is now part of a three-person primary for the Republican nomination, facing off against Sheriff Joe Arpaio who was personally pardoned by Trump last year and former state senator Kelli Ward, who been endorsed by some of Trump's former advisors, including Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka.


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