From left to right, Dr. Hassan Aziz, Stephanie Chavez, Mary Rosaire Anderson, seated, and Chuck Zaepfel.

What: Ben’s Bells promotes kindness and community involvement. Each week a person who makes Tucson better is “belled.”

Last week’s recipients: Dr. Hassan Aziz, Chuck Zaepfel and Stephanie Chavez.

Nominated by: Mary Rosaire Anderson.

Why: For coming to Anderson’s aid following an accident. On Sept. 14, 2016, Anderson said she was walking from the senior center at 1400 N. Wilmot Road to East Speedway to catch the bus to the Himmel Library. Anderson wrote that as she crossed from one sidewalk to another, a car stopped but only to look for oncoming traffic. “When I moved, he moved, knocked me down, and ran over both legs, severely lacerating them,” she wrote. Chavez and Zaepfel were nearby and put tourniquets on both legs until the ambulance came, she wrote. Dr. Hassan Aziz operated on her, the first night and several nights afterward, saving her life. “They are lifesavers,” Anderson wrote.

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