Trump allies in disarray as Democrats push impeachment

President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, above, once took on the mob. A letter writer says it’s now Giuliani and the president who are behaving like mobsters.

Teachers deserve to earn more than ballplayers

There was recently an announcement on a professional ballplayer negotiating a contract for seven years at $215 million, or about $2.5 million a month for seven years.

Here in Arizona “we” just can’t find the money to pay our teachers — the people who teach our children to survive in the future world — a wage that they can live on. Many of them earn less than $40,000 a year gross, or about $3,333 dollars a month. Who are we as a people to pay anybody $2.5 million a month and the teachers of their children barely a living wage? Shouldn’t this be just the opposite?

Roger Engels

Northwest side

GOP candidate using dangerous imagery

A Republican candidate seeking to unseat U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick has put out a dangerous and disqualifying ad. Brandon Martin says he needs “ammunition” in the form of donations and that he has his “sights trained” on her. The ad contains an image of a bullet with the word “support” on it. This is especially distasteful in a district where our former representative was shot.

Martin needs to find a rock to crawl under and not come out until he can become a civil human being.

Gail Kamaras

East side

Prop. 205 would hurt entire community

Proposition 205 is a do-nothing publicity stunt that is attempting to exploit Tucson in the ongoing national debate around immigration. Not only would Prop. 205 have no effect on immigration policy, it would hurt everyone in our community.

Since Prop. 205 is in violation of state law, the state would withhold tens of millions in shared revenue each year that we desperately need, and the Tucson Police Department would lose the partnerships it now has with federal agencies and databases that help it solve crimes.

We need immigration reform at the national level. We cannot afford this expensive and dangerous local initiative and Tucsonans would be wise to vote “no” on Prop 205.

Judy Sparrow


Giuliani, Trump behave like mobsters

Having recently watched a series about how the mafia in New York, Chicago and Las Vegas was eventually understood and busted by an up-and-coming energetic lawyer, is it any wonder why President Trump hired Rudy Giuliani as his personal lawyer?

Here is a man who took on the mob bosses, discovered their weaknesses and exploited that knowledge to bring them to justice.

Understanding how mob bosses work, he can now defend someone who operates under those same guises, threatening without speaking said words, pushing buttons to have corrupt policies enforced and essentially living the life of a mob boss. He is now protected by the one person who knows those ways. If only the ethics Giuliani had as a young lawyer could shine forth now, instead of the lies and bluster he uses today. Wonder why he was in the Ukraine deals? I don’t.

Carl Olson

West side

Feeling nostalgic, Mr. President?

So, Mr. Trump, you remind us that “we used to handle it a little differently than we do now” when referring to what should happen to whistleblowers. Let me remind you that debtors were also handled a little differently. We used to have debtors’ prisons, where people worked off their debt via labor or secured outside funds to pay the balance owed.

Sadly, debtors’ prisons are still likely to appear in states where many people live in poverty and are unable to pay fines and fees. They have no access to lawyers to get them off the hook for, say, six corporate bankruptcies.

Michael Carson


How about Grassley instead of Trump in ’20?

As a Republican, I have my candidate for president, Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa. Grassley quite reasonably is defending the whistleblower who reported that President Trump’s telephone call to the president of Ukraine.

Why is he offering this defense? For the same reason that we have a press/media shield privilege allowing a reporter not to disclose confidential sources. If the sources are subject to disclosure and retaliation, evidence of crime and corruption will not come to light.

Grassley strikes me as a decent guy who is the antithesis of Trump and his wild allegations of treason. Anybody for a Draft Grassley movement?

Richard Sipan

Green Valley

Gun control is

a public health issue

Re: the Oct. 1 opinion “International health rankings don’t really tell the whole story.”

The writer is correct on one issue. He seems to admit that bullet holes are a heath issue, or is there another cause of “our high rates of instantaneous death by murder or accidents” that I am missing?

Accidental death by gunshot is not an accident, by the way. Gun control is a public health issue. Regulation and research should be no different than any other medical problem.

Bob Foster, retired doctor

West side

It’s astonishing anyone still supports Trump

I guess the supporters of “Cadet Bone Spurs” are exceedingly overjoyed by the amount of money raised since the impeachment started. It has led me to believe that he could shoot someone in the Rose Garden on national TV and his supporters would call it fake news.

I cannot image how they can be so naive. It also astonishes me that they continue to ignore the lies put forth by him and the members of his Cabinet and his New York attorney.

I am also surprised by the so-called members of the religious right who have no idea as to what Jesus Christ was trying to teach us. Read your Bible!

The New Testament is where Jesus appears, for those of you that need that information. It is not about being a hater, adulterer, liar, racist, womanizer and an all-around jerk.

Be proud when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Kurt Ohlrich

Oro Valley

Both political parties need a good cleaning

There are lots of good reasons to impeach Donald Trump. So far the Democratic Party has not offered one.

Topping the list is Trump’s belief that human-caused global warming — a potentially existential threat to this country and human civilization — is a hoax. The actions Trump has taken to enshrine his ignorance in public policy are in themselves grounds for impeachment.

In contrast, when it comes to exposing the misdeeds of the Biden family, Trump appears to be well informed. All he (or his lawyers) had to do was read the New York Times and Reuters.

When a son profits from his father’s midwifing a change in a foreign government or flies to China with his father on Air Force 2 to conclude a business deal, who can possibly conclude there is “no evidence of wrongdoing?”

For Trump’s impeachment to stand a chance, it will be necessary to clean house in BOTH political parties.

Steven Lesh

East side