Neither corpse, bride or child

President Theodore Roosevelt’s acerbic daughter, Alice, said of her father, “He always wanted to be the corpse at every funeral, the bride at every wedding, and the baby at every christening.”

Roosevelt knew that family events would take place whether he was there or not. The adulation he sought didn’t cost taxpayers a penny. President Trump found a new location for his self-serving secular altar, the Lincoln Memorial, and preyed on a precious national event, usurped it, demeaned it, and ordered tanks and planes to inappropriately serve as backdrops. It cost us several million dollars spent on a frivolous, ego-driven way.

Peddling “free” tickets to Trump/Republican donors was about as partisan as it can get. That the skies opened and rains came should be a sign to evangelicals, and to all of us, that God agrees that political rallies are not legitimate intrusions into an almost holy national celebration and that Donald Trump is not the corpse, bride, or child and deserves no adoration.

Norman Sherman

Southeast side

Capitalism: Who ‘wins’ the globe?

Will the winners be ones where most of the money and resources are controlled to flow into privately owned businesses and companies or will it be state-owned capitalism? State-owned is showing some promising advantages, i.e., the only long-term war investments are not on the ground in places like Afghanistan, but are centrally focused on cyber-intelligence, unimpeded scientific and technological research and development, manufacturing, health and food distribution, infrastructure, railroads, economic “deals” with an expanding number of other countries, etc.

Advantages are that they do not allow radical or destructive wings of any kind to overthrow their focused government’s political and/or economic capitalist focus, i.e., the world’s religions are allowed to practice their faiths, but to have no influence on their ability to conduct advanced scientific research and progress involving new knowledge and development. Their chances of “winning” the globe are looking more promising each day.

Dr. Richard Packard

Northwest side

Why Trump is right on the census

Democrats and their news media lap dogs have been all over President Trump for his wanting to include a U.S. citizenship question on the upcoming census survey, which occurs every 10 years. Even RINO conservative John Roberts on the Supreme court, who cast the deciding vote upholding Obamacare, sided with the four liberals on the bench and ruled against him.

But here is why only U.S. citizens should be counted on the census. The more people residing in a state means they get more members in the U.S. House of Representatives and more federal monies coming back to the state. Yet, undocumented immigrants and legal immigrants cannot vote in federal elections! Undocumented immigrants cannot, by federal law, receive federal benefits.

States like California have millions of undocumented immigrants, and legal immigrants, and based on those numbers, get more members in Congress. That is important when it comes to voting on legislation. It is a devious incentive for states to welcome illegal immigrants! Trump is right on this.

Juan Santiago

Southwest side

Health care

for everyone

Re: the July 6 letter “Medicare for all.”

To the senior citizen who wrote regarding extending Medicare to everyone: If your house was on fire, would the firemen demand a copay before turning on the hoses?

We Americans already pool our money to pay for police, highways, Social Security, etc. Why do we pay huge salaries to insurance executives who do not treat patients, instead of ordering our government to pay doctors and hospitals directly?

Our current Medicare is in danger of going broke precisely because it does not cover younger, usually healthier, people. So please help us change to a good system of Medicare for everyone! Then doctors would never be swamped with multiple insurance forms to fill out, and they would have more time for patients.

Also, emergency rooms would not be overcrowded with people who had no insurance.

Martha G. Ortiz


Concern, not contempt, for Cummings’ district

President Trump might want to visit Rep. Elijah Cummings’ 7th District in Baltimore. After all, it is only 40 miles and and an hour’s drive from his D.C. neighborhood. I remind the president that Baltimore is in the U.S.A. There is no Trump Tower and it just wouldn’t be appropriate to build a wall around it.

I realize that, to be concerned about the people in 7th District, is not as glamorous as provoking Iran, courting North Korea’s president, or even golfing. But the president’s slogan, “Make America great again,” inherently includes Rep. Cumming’s 7th District. It includes both “the haves” and “the have-nots.” I respectfully ask the president to stop the Twitter bullying and start real dialogue/problem-solving for the benefit of the 7th District which, in turn, will benefit all Americans.

Barbara Conlogue

Sierra Vista

Border wall

isn’t cost-effective

Re: the July 28 article “High court ruling opens door for $1B Ariz. border wall project.”

The Star’s Sunday article on the Supreme Court’s border wall decision reduced a serious policy issue to a birds-and-bunnies conflict with drug trafficking. The court decision allows the Trump administration to transfer money for purposes constitutionally prohibited by Congress.

The wall is widely regarded as the most expensive, least cost-effective tool for securing border security. We have far more flexible 21st-century surveillance and agent deployment. The major route of hard drugs is through the ports. We spend huge amounts of money chasing marijuana through the desert while increasing its legal use in the country. The emerging domestic threat of drugs is the opioids industry. The most imminent terrorist threat is domestic, for example the shooting in California earlier this week. We don’t have an immigration policy that provides needed workers and welcomes the best minds.

The border wall is a campaign prop for Trump.

Roger McManus


Walls work;

ask TUSD

Re: the July 30 article “Borton gets a security upgrade.”

Build that wall! But you said fences don’t work? Children’s safety is at stake! But they’ll just climb over it! They’ll go around it!

Don’t panic progressives. We’re just talking about the walls that work when it doesn’t involve politics, hypocrisy, and shallow thinking. Anyone now trying to enter will have to come in the front door and pass through security for the safety of all inside, what a concept! See the story about Borton Elementary Magnet and the wonderful “wall” just put up by Tucson Unified School District to keep people out.

Jim Ryles

Northwest side