Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Whatever happened to Lindsey Graham?

Although a Democrat, I’m missing Senator John McCain more and more. One reason is that he seemed to be able to keep Sen. Lindsey Graham in check. Graham is now flailing about politically in the manner of Donald Trump. Disgraceful.

Donald Gerlach

Northwest side

Removing support

for Kurds ruins trust

The Kurds were our allies in the war against Iraq and in Syria. The U.S. had a deal to protect them. The Kurds did the dirty work and took out much of the Islamic State. Now President Trump is abandoning these brave people as he has forgotten our deal in order to make one with Turkey, where he has a Trump Tower. Twelve million Kurds are left helpless as the Turkish army has a military line ready to invade and annihilate their culture.

None of our allies will support us if we fail to support them. This is a huge mistake that will rattle our allies — what’s left of them. So world leaders know the way to get what they want, build a Trump Tower. No matter if your people have shed their blood for America.

Pam Farris

Northwest side

Students deserve

in-depth coverage

In this day and age when every article, whether it be about sports or politics, seems to be negative, how refreshing to read about young people who strive to achieve the highest goals. Why not have a more in-depth article about Evan Nelson, a guard from Salpointe, who has committed to Harvard, or Maya Benita, a senior golfer from Catalina Foothills who has a 4.83 GPA and still finds time to volunteer for numerous organizations. I’m sure there are many more students, at various schools, who deserve to be singled out for their dedication to academics as well as extra-curricular activities.

Charles Schultz

Northeast side

What are the real costs, Democrats?

Watching the Democratic debates, it is obvious that the candidates will never want to address a very pressing issue. Not only are some of them reluctant to discuss the cost of their proposals, but they will never admit that most federal programs will probably cost far more than expected. Their plans for taxes and healthcare will probably bring in far less in revenue than anticipated, and it will cost us far more than projected. Federal government programs are notorious for cost overruns. If Elizabeth Warren claims that “Medicare for All” would cost $30-40 trillion, then you should expect it will be at least $50 trillion over 10 years.

Just being realistic here.

Gerald Peters


Train a better idea than Interstate 11

No one enjoys the carbon spewing, 2-plus-hour drive between Tucson and Phoenix. So why another highway? Think railway .

Imagine boarding a train at one of Tucson’s three stations (airport/central/Marana) arriving in Phoenix in 45 minutes at Sky Harbor Airport, a central station or Scottsdale where electric rental cars are available.

Richard Branson purchased a large interest in Florida’s Brightline railway. Brightline currently has Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm stations with plans of extending that rail service to Orlando then Tampa. Branson also has a Los Angeles-Las Vegas route in development. We need private investors, like Branson, in Arizona to build a railway. Estimated time to secure local/state/federal funding for a railway is 25 years.

Branson expressed an interest in the Tucson-Phoenix route. He said railways were the most underdeveloped piece of America’s transportation system.

Let’s think train, not another time consuming, energy squandering road between Arizona’s two largest cities.

Jeannette Hermann


Oracle School District props need support

I just voted “yes” on Oracle School District Propositions 438 (override continuation) and 439 (critical health and safety bond).

We here in Saddlebrooke have had outsized impacts on Oracle communities, which have their roots in mining. With the last mine closing in 2003, Saddlebrooke has meant local employment opportunities. We also have overwhelmed Oracle voter numbers. Small but mighty, Oracle District strives to provide opportunities for kids to dream and to reach their highest potential. We should care because these kids are our future business owners and community leaders. We are going to need them all, from scientists to service workers, from health care to the trades. They are tomorrow’s taxpayers.

Oracle’s nonpartisan, elected board has engaged experts to refine these investments to only those critical to student achievement, health and safety. The board is unanimous in this request. Annual independent audits and reports to the community ensure accountability. This money is for the kids. Join me in voting “yes.” Mail your ballot today.

Linda Dahl


Debate exposes Dems’ health-care plans

The most recent Democratic debate finally showed that for all the grand ideas being tossed around, there is no real consensus on how any of it will be paid for. I’m glad that some of the candidates are starting to realize this. When it comes to “Medicare for All,” presidential candidates simply couldn’t answer the question of how it would be paid for.

Our current health-care system has its problems, but a massive overhaul that puts our dysfunctional government in control will only create more problems. Small fixes to the Affordable Care Act would go a long way to ensuring more people get covered and rural health-care systems are protected. I’m glad some on the stage are reaching the same conclusion.

Paul Curry

South Tucson

Try being kind in November

Here’s a heads-up: Once again, Nov. 13 is World Kindness Day, a day wherein each of us is encouraged to commit a random act of kindness. OK? Going out of our way to brighten someone’s day. Right? Anyone’s. So why an advanced notice?

Based on a consistent stream of letters to the editor in the Star that I’ve read recently, it’s likely to take multiple weeks for those who have shared their editorial views or opinions, and those who have read them, to actually search their conscience and grasp what a “random act of kindness” might be. Then temporarily set aside their biases and unkind, hateful, often times political characterizations and act accordingly.

Just once. It’s a given that a “random act of kindness” will brighten anyone’s day. Nov. 13, all day, try it.

Don Weaver


What does TPD really stand for?

Troubling is the shrill cry, faces turning orange, by city officials that the feds will abandon their statutory mandates to provide law enforcement services to Tucson if Proposition 205 is passed.

Proposition 205 will codify as illegal the racial profiling by any city of Tucson public servant: law enforcement or administrative employee. As an example, dangerous is their argument that we should rely solely on an officer’s “reasonable suspicion” that a person “is unlawfully present in the country.” Everyone knows “reasonable suspicion” is code for racial profiling.

TPD must be Tucson Police Department not Trump Police Department. City taxes must pay for law enforcement to protect Tucson citizens, not do the jobs of ICE. A statistical fact, undocumented people represent a fraction of actual crimes committed. Every hour our TPD officers are doing ICE’s immigration enforcement is one less hour not serving Tucsonans.

City officials, get a backbone. Stand up to this federal protection racket. Stand up to the xenophobia of the Trump administration, unless it’s your xenophobia too.

Glenn Johnson


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