Home owner near Sandario Rd and Ajo Way.

I-11 should converge with I-10 and I-19. One area of the proposed I-11 is near to I-10. Due to shorter distance, truckers will choose to continue their route to Mexico by the shortest route.

However, the most important reason to not allow I-11 follow the course of Sandario Rd. is because of the Saguaro National Park West, The Desert Museum and Old Tucson. These are great income for the Tucson Metro area. Putting an interstate there will severely affect not only, the protected Saguaro's but the quiet of visiting the Desert Museum and Old Tucson. I grew up in Tucson and have lived here for the majority of my life. The US Army is part of my life, too. When ever family or friends come to town, we visit these great places. I meet friends there for a quiet, relaxing day.

I-11 must not follow the projected route of Sandario Rd. It will damage what is some of the best attractions of Tucson.

Emily Burke

Southwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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